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The Start

Welcome to Cruising Meraki’s Blog

This is Shawna (Kate’s mom) and any of you like me who go back to the early 1990’s (before internet) remember the main ways of sharing news – radio, tv, newspaper and magazine.  I always preferred the detailed and more complete medium of magazines – where stories filled in the details that my mind questioned.

So, think of this space as the place that fills in the details between the posts and videos.  If I do my job right you will hear from each member of the crew with the Captains’ Logs (from both boats) and Crews News with perspectives from even the youngest members of our team.

Cruising Meraki was born with the idea to take 3 generations out on the open ocean to cross the Pacific and at least land in Australia to visit Mick’s family.  The rest will take on a life of its own as we pursue the goal while adapting to an ever changing world.

Right now, as I write this Meraki 1 is in La Cruz Mexico after successfully completing a North Pacific adventure from Victoria, BC.  Kevin and I (Meraki 2 Crew) are in Victoria finalizing plans to travel to our boat on the East coast and eventually bring the two boats together.

Thanks for following along.